"What is to give light must endure burning."


Victor Frankl

Why is self-awareness important?

Without being self-aware, we lack the ability to shape our own reality.


Imagine a boat that has lost its captain, the boat drifts aimlessly across the vast ocean, without any purpose or aim.


One day, the boat finds itself thrown against the ridges of rocks by the waves coming in different directions.


The waves of life hits us all --- from job loss, breakups, divorce, catastrophes, neglect, rejection, and so on.


We are all floating on uncertainties, while experiencing the world subjectively.

This is why life is suffering.

Our subjective human experiences can bring us both ends of the existential spectrum: suffering and joy.

This means we don't always need to suffer yet we all tend to lean towards suffering more.

If there is any one universal theme in our existence, it is that of survival. 

We are all intrinsically wired to either: 1) avoid pain, 2) actively move towards pain; or 3) sit on our pain, as a way to cope with our harsh inner realities.

We can navigate the waves of life better by understanding ourselves deeply and painfully, by incorporating self-awareness into our daily thoughts, behavior and values. 

Self-discovery is a process of embarking into the unknown.


It is a wild adventure into your own inner world, where no one has ever gone before. It is a solo journey. 

You will feel lost, scared, confuse and hurt by your discoveries.


You will be very naked in your own inadequacies and insecurities.

Yet, one day, when the unexpected waves of life hit your boat again, you are able to ride the waves towards a direction of your calling. 

You are able to use the waves to your advantage, as an additional propeller to your destination.

Allow yourself to become the boat that sails and lands when and where it pleases.

Sail on the journey of your calling. 

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